Upcoming Workshops

Foundations of Drawing and Painting with Philip Salamone

August 16-18, 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm (lunch 1:00-2:00pm)

This workshop is designed for anyone looking for a solid foundation in representational drawing and painting. We will begin with drawing in graphite or charcoal and will build towards painting convincing and lifelike portrait sketches with a full color palette (or continuing to work in graphite if students wish). Using a lucid, step by step process, we will start by discussing how to approach the initial linear drawing (the “block-in”), focusing on techniques that we can employ as we strive for accuracy in proportions, shape, and gesture. After this, students will move into modeling form three-dimensionally, as we discuss the fundamentals and nuances of how light works as well as how to depict it on a two dimensional surface. During this time students will learn to think about their drawings in sculptural terms by utilizing a conceptual understanding of light fall which will allow for a greater sense of depth and realism in their finished drawings and paintings. Next students will be introduced to oil paint techniques by painting the figure in grisaille. Finally we will discuss color theory based on the Munsell color system, edge manipulation, basic structural anatomy, and perspective. Demonstrations by the instructor as well as individual critiques will guide the student through the process.

Space is limited to 13 participants

Interested participants please contact philipsalamone@gmail.com

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Past Workshops

Drawing Bootcamp.jpg

with Philip Salamone

This ten day workshop was designed for anyone looking for a solid foundation in representational drawing and painting, but was specifically suited for young people with a long term commitment to the visual arts. By working from the antique plaster cast in a controlled setting, students were be given an opportunity to focus on the fundamental concepts of depicting light and form, which are at the heart of creating a sense of depth and an illusion of space.


Birds of Prey.jpg

Birds of Prey Drawing and Painting Session 
Working with the Hoo's Woods Raptor Center

This was unique opportunity to draw or paint two live raptors from life. Oakley, a spectacled owl, and Catelyn, a peregrine falcon were our models for the evening. They joined us from the Hoo's Woods Raptor Center, along with director Dianne Moller, who gave a presentation discussing their natural history, breeding, habitat, and behaviors.


Still Life Sketch.jpg

The Still Life Sketch
with Todd Casey

In this workshop students learned direct and indirect approaches to painting a still life in oils over a 3 day span. Students could either work on a single painting for the entire workshop, or one piece per day.

Included were discussions on composition, depth, form, edges, lighting, color theory, and how to work a narrative into your painting. 


Alla Prima Still Life.jpg

The Alla Prima Still Life
with Taisia Kuklina

"Alla Prima" is Italian for "first attempt," and also known as "direct painting" or "wet into wet."  Alla prima painting is a stimulating method which teaches you to be present with every brush stroke, focusing on only the essentials, ultimately teaching you great dexterity and control.  In this class, each student assembled their own composition, then worked to transpose it onto canvas. This class focused on the ability paint more loosely, and to use their brushstrokes with economy.


The Portrait Sketch.jpg

The Portrait Sketch
with Philip Salamone

The objective of this five day workshop was for participants to learn to make convincing, sensitive portraits through a coherent, analytical approach to drawing and painting.  Using a lucid step-by-step process, participants painted one six-hour portrait each of the five days, with a different model each day. Topics to be covered included: creating a strong likeness with accurate drawing, value understanding based on light phenomena, color mixing, edge manipulation, and cranial anatomy. 


Values and Color Structure.png

The Importance of Values on Color Structure in Portraiture
with Clayton Beck

The fundamental understanding of values in painting is essential to the technique of painting a figure in a setting. This workshop isolated the visual values, and explained their relationships to each other, their importance in painting, and a practical method for their use.

The emphasis of the class was on various techniques of alla prima painting used to create an artistic statement about the subject one wishes to paint. Figure study is the basis of all formal painting instruction. The human figure is truly an endless study in form and expression and it is amazing to watch a recognizable figure come to life before our eyes.


Traditional Long Pose.jpg

Traditional Long Pose Portrait Workshop
with Angela Cunningham

Having an accurate block-in is the most important stage to drawing and painting, as it is the foundation with which we will build the rest of our portrait. We spent the first few days analyzing and pushing our way of seeing to be more accurate.  We will learned techniques such as mass drawing, that allow one to become more visually abstract with their thought process. We covered comparative measuring, angle comparison, and alignments as necessary tools to use in a systematic approach. By the end of second day we covered how to do an oil transfer onto canvas. Finally, on the third day we will began modeling in paint.  By the end of the workshop we had covered the understanding of hue, value and chroma to create 3-dimensional form.


Alla Prima Color Mixing.jpg

Alla Prima Painting Workshop on Color Mixing
with Greg Rodriguez

Color mixing can be very intimidating.  In this workshop, we looked at, and mixed every tone from white to black, and all colors in-between. Students were shown how to arrive at the darkest darks, colors and discuss color temperatures. This led to an exploration of the color’s greatest intensity and its complements.


Portrait with Eddie Nino.jpg

Portrait Workshop
with Eddie Nino

Throughout history, figure drawing and painting has been the centerpiece for the training of young painters and draftsmen.  In this workshop, students of all levels embarked on a comprehensive examination of how to paint or draw the live model.  Depending of the student’s medium of choice, either graphite or oil paints, he or she will gained a better understanding of crucial elements that will maximize the impact of their figure paintings and drawings. The skills learned in this workshop improved the student’s ability to draw or paint any other subject, whether it be a landscape or a still life, with more ease and fluency.