Open Figure Drawing and Painting Studios

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Mondays 5:30-9:30 pm

Thursdays 9am - noon 

Saturdays 9am - noon (No Saturdays July and August)

Open Figure Drawing and Painting Studios offer an opportunity for artists to hone their craft while joining a community of artists pursuing a shared passion. Open to artists of all skill levels and media, it is an inclusive and dynamic environment that encourages rigorous study, playful experimentation, and a cross-pollination of ideas. 

Participants may chose to take the open studios either independently or with guidance. Guided open studios include thorough critiques during the sessions, as well as periodic critiques/conversations looking at a students larger body of work and addressing areas of strength, areas for improvement, goals, and suggested exercises to achieve those goals. 

For people who plan on coming regularly, there are two ways to pay. Participants may sign up for a monthly membership for 1, 2, or 3 times per week and have the payment deducted from a credit card. The second option is for artists to purchase a punch card good for 5, 10, or 20 punches. For artists who expect to show up regularly, its a little cheaper to do the first option. For those who prefer more flexibility, the second option might be best. Participants may also drop in for $20/session.

Each session will consist of a single pose lasting the entire duration, with breaks every 25 minutes and a longer break halfway through. Drawing boards, easels, and horses are provided. Odorless mineral spirits only. Gamsol is preferred. Cubbies, flat file space, and storage racks for wet canvases are also available.





Studio Session Punchcard
from 90.00

This is an option for folks who need a more flexible option than monthly memberships, but would still like to get the bulk discounts on studio time. 

The punchcards can be picked up after purchase the first time you go in for a studio session.

Punchcards expire one year after purchase.

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