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Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting for Teens with Philip Salamone


This class is designed for anyone looking for a solid foundation in representational drawing and painting, but is specifically suited for young people with a long term commitment to the visual arts. We will begin with drawing in graphite or charcoal and will build towards painting convincing and lifelike portrait sketches with a full color palette (or continuing to work in graphite if students wish). Using a lucid, step by step process, we will start by discussing how to approach the initial linear drawing (the “block-in”), focusing on techniques that we can employ as we strive for accuracy in proportions, shape, and gesture. After this, students will move into modeling form three-dimensionally, as we discuss the fundamentals and nuances of how light works as well as how to depict it on a two dimensional surface. During this time students will learn to think about their drawings in sculptural terms by utilizing a conceptual understanding of light fall which will allow for a greater sense of depth and realism in their finished drawings and paintings. Next students will be introduced to oil paint techniques by painting the figure in grisaille. Finally, we will discuss color theory based on the Munsell color system, edge manipulation, basic structural anatomy, and perspective. Demonstrations by the instructor as well as individual critiques will guide the student through the process. Price includes all necessary materials.

Figure and Portrait Drawing and Painting
with Philip Salamone

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This class is intended for people who have foundation in drawing and painting, and want to work from the live model with guidance. Classes will include a brief demonstration, followed by individual critiques to guide students through each stage of the process. The final three models will sit for 2 days each, enabling us to get more refined, finished drawings and paintings. Topics to be covered will include creating a strong likeness with accurate drawing, value understanding based on light phenomena, color mixing, edge manipulation, perspective, and structural cranial anatomy. Students may chose to either draw or paint with oil paints.