The Alla Prima Still Life with Taya Kuklina

The Alla Prima Still Life with Taya Kuklina


Taya recently gave birth to a beautiful little baby, Diana, and will not be teaching her still life class this winter. Stay tuned for future updates.

"Alla Prima" is Italian for "first attempt," and also known as "direct painting" or "wet into wet."  Alla prima painting is a stimulating method which teaches you to be present with every brush stroke, focusing on only the essentials, ultimately teaching you great dexterity and control.  In this class, each student will assemble their own arrangement with the help of the instructor, and every still life will be unique and focused on individual needs of the student.  
Taya will instruct with both demonstrations and also individual critiques. The class will be particularly helpful for students who wish to paint more loosely and to use their brushstrokes with economy, focusing on edges, color and value relationships, and composition.  

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To learn more about Taya, or to view samples of her work, please visit her website.

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